How Pink became our Favorite Color, a story of Branding and Boldness

“The pink van techs do the job best!” That’s right. Pink van techs are what this episode is all about. Here at Lemon Seed, we have loved working with our clients to transform their business in all aspects. Above & Beyond Service Company is one of our Oklahoma clients. 


Jason Brady and Chelsea Myers join our hosts in the Lemonade Stand to chat about all things branding and… pink! Jason explains to our listeners how changing his brand to be bold and innovative really transformed everything about his business. 


Here are the top points in this episode:

  • What Happened? What caused the light bulb to go off about “I need to rebrand”? 
  • Why Pink?  How did we get here?
  • Selling ourselves FIRST (before the team) 
  • Affording to Rebrand
  • One piece of advice to another contractor about just making the jump to rebrand.


Check out our downloadable item of “8 Signs you’re ready for a rebrand”.


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