Why A Well Branded Maintenance Plan Can Help Really Build Value

Why a well-branded maintenance plan can help really build value

Do you ever find yourself being a part of all these benefit programs? First, you have your favorite coffee shop then you have your favorite retail store all because you wanted that initial discount. Well, even service companies have membership programs and to a consumer.. they are really beneficial.

In this episode, we talk about maintenance programs and how we, as contractors, could really ramp those up with refining, internal promotion, and marketing of the benefits. If you listened and liked our branding episode (episode number 1) you will enjoy listening to the tips and tricks on how to build or revamp your maintenance program. 

In this episode you will hear our hosts discuss:

  • Why do we do memberships?
  • It’s all about the name! Let’s create something for people to get a connection to that resonates with our brand.
  • Perks of the program; How you word the perks matter immensely. 
  • Presentation of the plan
  • Promotion of your club

To learn more about these five tips and how to really determine what your brand story is, click to listen >>HERE<<

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