Best Kept Secrets For Social Media Ads With Krystal Hobbs

As the award-winning Owner & Strategist at Reflective Marketing, Krystal Hobbs has dedicated her career to helping HVAC and home service businesses get known and grow their sales using the power of social media. Growing up with both her father and stepfather working in residential construction, it’s no surprise that Krystal focused her agency to help grow companies in the trades! Krystal has trained with the top 1% of Facebook advertisers in the world, making her one of the most advanced social media marketers in North America. In 2017, she was named NLOWE’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. She is also the proud host of Beyond the Tools, a podcast for home service business owners. She’s actively involved in her local Canadian Home Builders’ Association, chairing its events committee and serving as a board director for 4 years. In her spare time, Krystal enjoys practicing Muay Thai and hanging out with her pup, Buddy!

We are honored to be joined in the Lemonade Stand today with Reflective Marketing’s, Krystal Hobbs. Krystal chats with our hosts today about some of the best kept secrets of social media ads. She discusses:

  • How Social Media Leads Are Different
  • How do you target the right people?
  • Creative
  • Follow-up/Nurturing

Make sure to check out Krystal’s Podcast: Beyond the Tools (

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