Curating Culture with Jeremy Yancey

Curating Culture with Jeremy Yancey

Want to know how to not just have a company culture, but how to really curate it for your team to flourish? This episode is for you. 

In this episode, our hosts chat in the lemonade stand with Pastor Jeremy Yancey from Timber Creek Church in Lufkin, Texas. Jeremy is passionate about not only the importance of strong company culture but cultivating the culture for your team. Jeremy shares important tips and practical take-aways.

Jeremy will share with the hosts:

  • Calibrating culture and performance 
  • Consistently navigating drift 
  • Creating and keeping clarity 
  • Next steps for putting this into action

Jeremy and our hosts could talk about this forever, but we hope you take one thing from today’s episode that can really help your team flourish all by cultivating the right culture.

Make sure to download Jeremy’s bullet point list on how to cultivate your culture and his steps on how you can become a G R E A T delegator: HERE

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