How To Keep My Team Informed About Our Marketing

The worst feeling is when you feel that you have done all this work with your offers, your website, your social media… but your team still doesn’t know what is happening. This is our biggest task to tackle with new clients is making sure that what we are working on is communicated to the in-office team. 

In this episode, our hosts give you the 4-1-1 on how to give your team the 4-1-1. We touch on these quick topics:

  • What does “Informed” Mean?
  • Interoffice/interteam channels like Slack
  • Employee Portals/ mini websites
  • Monthly emails detailing events/promotions/ etc
  • Facebook Groups for the team and one for spouses

We talk a lot about the service industry but this topic is incredibly important to implement in any business. For example, you have a sale going on for ½ off sweaters but your team wasn’t informed… a customer will be quick to call them out on that.

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