How You Should Measure Digital Success With Eric Thomas

Sometimes this digital world gets overwhelming, but do not fear! Eric Thomas with Rival Digital chats with our hosts today about the key things that we should use to measure digital success. Eric got his start in the industry as an apprentice for a commercial heating & air conditioning contractor in Virginia. From there, he received a bachelor’s degree in marketing

from Western Kentucky University. After graduation, he spent time working alongside the world’s largest home services franchisor doing digital marketing and website operations. In 2020, he ventured off on his own to start Rival Digital – a digital marketing agency for HVAC contractors. Rival Digital specializes in helping business owners establish an online presence that produces a predictable lead flow, streamlines marketing & sales initiatives, and ultimately, builds a better future for their business. Eric is the host of the Smart HVAC Marketing podcast – a podcast that provides practical tips for business growth from industry leaders. Outside of his professional life, Eric enjoys surfing, woodworking, and going for hikes with his wife and dog.

Eric gives us some big tips to tackle measuring your digital success:

  • Start with the end in mind: understanding business goals and how your digital marketing campaigns will help achieve those goals.
  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
  • Have your marketing team/website manager set up GA4.
  • Measure everything year-over-year, not month-over-month.

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