Marketing for Sales Leads with Shea Smith

Today we are answering the real question all contractors want to answers…. How do we get our team on board with all these “cheesy” marketing tactics? Today in the Lemonade stand we have Shea Smith, Operations Manager for the HVAC Division of McWilliams and Son Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. Shea shares with our listener’s advice on how to use marketing to push our team. 

It is very important that not only your team knows what marketing tactics you have running, but it is also important that your team understands the purpose of the offer or promotion. In this episode, Shea shares with us:

  • What is “cheesy” advertising
  • How do we even price these things without cutting our profits?
  • How do we build value with the customers on these promotions? 
  • Winning our Team and Coaching them! 

Don’t forget to download some examples of role-playing scripts that Shea uses with his team: Why Buy Scripts

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