Mini Brands With Marketing Enthusiast Ava

In the Lemonade Stand we have Crystal and her niece, Ava, talking about a marketing tactic that has spread worldwide and into the hands of kids. Mini Brands.

Imagine a ball that you open to find inside, a toy of your favorite brand, company, food item. These Mini Brands, by Zuru Toys, are purchased with a surprise inside and can be collected for amusement.

Companies like Disney, Oscar-Meyer, and more are using this collaboration with Mini Brands to get their brands into households in a whole new way.

What can we learn from Mini Brands?
• Alternative ways to get the families involved in your business
• Investing in future generations who could become future customers or employees
• Find ways to engage directly to the consumer in a personable way

Thanks for sipping some lemonade with us and our up-and-coming Marketing Specialist, Ava!

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