PPC 1-2-3 With The Marketing Pro Team

PPC 1-2-3. Are your Pay-Per-Click ads efficiently providing your company leads? Or is there wasted ad spend that needs a quick tune-up? Find out on our very special 30th episode in the Lemonade Stand with ServiceTitan Marketing Pro Team Members, Johnny Wenzel, and Dylan Kessler.

Listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Specific Goals To Set For Your PPC Ads
  • How To Track PPC Campaigns
  • Best Practices For Starting Successful Campaigns
  • How To Select The Right PPC Vendor For Your Business

For more insight into PPC, Business Tips, and other Digital Advertising Content, check out ServiceTitan’s Blog. We are big ServiceTitan fans over here and excited to bring this episode to you this week from The Lemonade Stand.

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