To get the full picture, we’ve got to give you the full story… We’re going to throw it back all the way to 1974.

In 1974, Irvin “Mac” McWilliams started McWilliams Appliance and Refrigeration in Diboll, TX. Mac continued to grow the company, expanded into the HVAC industry, and renamed the company McWilliams and Son Heating and Air Conditioning in 1979. In 2011, Trey McWilliams, grandson of Mac, took over as the third-generation owner. Keeping it all in the family, Trey brought on his sister, Crystal Williams, to be the marketing director for the company. Trey’s desire to streamline efficiency and profitability paired with Crystal’s creative and strategic marketing tactics led to a 30% growth year over year, quickly taking it to an eight-figure company. The growth and acceleration of McWilliams and Son became highly sought after in the service industry. Trey and Crystal were constantly asked, “how do you do it?” and “can you help me?”

The constant pursuit of other service industry owners seeking their help led to the creation of Apex Marketing Firm. Apex started in a single room of a back office, with Crystal managing our first three clients, while still being the marketing director for McWilliams and Son. Word quickly spread and the clientele rapidly grew. Crystal made the leap to go full time to Apex and brought on other team members to help her take care of our clients needs.

In 2020, to further expand their in-house capabilities, Apex brought on a seasoned graphic designer, Emily Fleniken, to ramp up the designs and branding for their clients. The partnership between Crystal and Emily led to a new name that was more reflective of their personalities and services. The name ‘Lemon Seed Marketing” is the perfect culmination of everything we are. Bright and fresh like a “lemon,” committed to taking a “seed” and cultivating growth to make companies flourish, and “marketing,” because, well, that’s just what we do! And we’re really good at it. But we like to let the results do all the talking for us.

our team

crystal williams


With well over 10 years of marketing and employee engagement experience under her belt, Crystal has an out-of-the-box way of thinking that draws attention to her marketing strategies and community involvement. Her always enthusiastic attitude makes it easy to get excited and rejuvenated to grow your company. She is mom of two boys, member of the local Rotary Club, and loves to rock a bold, red lipstick.

emily fleniken


Emily is the guru of graphics. She loves applying her designs to all medias from web to print to whatever else you can dream up. Her ability to think like the client helps her express the right message for any brand, in a beautifully designed manner. She’s the wife of an entrepreneur, mom to three princesses, and will make your ideas come to life, just as long as she doesn’t have to wear shoes.

cheyenne garcia


With a degree in Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University, Cheyenne is the glue that keeps the office together. Her sweet nature combined with exceptional organization makes her the ultimate problem solver in an office full of free-spirited creatives. When not keeping us all in check while rocking her stylish outfits, Cheyenne is a high school girls mentor and a proud dog mom to Ollie, the sweetest black lab.

sharon mayes


Sharon is a multifaceted account manager as she loves being on the cutting edge of all things digital, but also kicks it old school with traditional pen and paper. She’s a USA Today Best Selling Author and has written numerous acclaimed novels. She knows just how to communicate the right message for our clients.

kiera simmons


Kiera wasn’t born in Texas, but she got here as soon as she could! She traded in the Las Vegas desert for the east Texas pine trees. With a degree in event management, she helps clients see the big picture, while paying close attention to the small details. She’s one of the quieter ones in the office, but her witty humor will undoubtedly make you crack a smile.

tiffany nash


Tiffany is an elementary teacher by trade, but traded in the books for the likes! Tiffany manages our social media department and is always researching current trends, how to increase engagement and what’s the next best thing. We keep her plate full, but she’s always the one who is lifting up and encouraging everyone in the office.

zane blount


Zane knows how to handle anything you throw his way. With a degree in Mass Communications from Texas State University and industry knowledge, he’s our go-to for all mass media marketing tactics. When people meet Zane, it’s not uncommon to be asked if we employ marketers or linebackers. His giant, teddy- bear self founded and conducts a football training program for young athletes. Whether in the office or on the field, mention the Baltimore Ravens and you’ll instantly become Zane’s BFF.

lupita thompson


Lupita is the marketing assistant who keeps our team on track and excels being behind the scenes. With a background in education, she is a calming and positive personality in the office and is definitely the fashion guru of the crew. Outside of the office, you’ll find her being an awesome wife and mom to two kids.

macky lucas


Mack-Attack, Big Mack, Macky Lucas is a marketing assistant that jumps in wherever needed. Armed with a degree in mass communications and side-hustle photography business, she brings a fresh and creative perspective to our social media clients, keeping it informative as well as on trend.

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